Enabling the financial service sector by using data driven underwriting and assessment

We are a financial sector technology services provider which is reshaping the Finance market by utilising data driven underwriting/assessment to pre-select businesses, target them directly and enable them to digitally self-serve their Insurance/Finance needs.

The effective use of technology allows DigiSure to enable our clients to ensure growth and business continuity.

Enabling the financial service sector by using data driven underwriting and assessment

For underwriters

DigiSure uses Innovative technology, data and business techniques to enable our insurance partners to gain profitable market share, in their target specialist markets. This can be when our partners wish to expand into new products and geographies or when they wish to gain profitable market share in existing ones.

Through the use of historic and real time data to select, target and provide insurance directly to customers in a quick, simple, user friendly way (‘shopping’ experience).

Our solutions allow you to target high margin (low risk) business while minimising acquisition costs and underwriting overheads.

We combine advanced technology, such as machine learning, digital distribution and blockchain with extensive insurance industry experience, to deliver a step change to the competitive advantage of our partners competitively.

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For brokers

We offer solutions which will allow you to dramatically increase your customer base and commission income.

Our solutions provide your customers with fast and easy access to insurance while reducing your administration overheads.

We take the ‘hassle’ out of insurance for you and your customers, allowing you to dedicate your time to personalised customer support and add valued services.

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What’s so great about DigiSure?

Instant Data Driven Underwriting & Targeting

Our solutions utilise a range of independent verifiable data sources to automatically underwrite, and price a risk in milliseconds. Better still, we can underwrite whole customer and product segments, so you don’t waste time on marketing and resources targeting unprofitable business (or customers you won’t end up underwriting).

Easy, Quick Insurance Purchase

We utilise retail concepts to enhance our customers experience. For our end customers, purchasing insurance is as easy and quick as buying books or cinema tickets on-line.

Focused Insurance Solutions

Rather than being everything to everyone we focus on sectors that we understand, and which are aligned to our solutions. In particular we focus on Commercial Insurance in general and the construction sector in particular. We have solutions for a full range of construction insurances including contract works, surety bonds, builders’ warranty, public liability and professional indemnity.

Practical Application of State-of-the-Art Technology

In addition to utilised fully automated digital underwriting, sales and distribution solutions we apply machine learning and block chain technologies to provide an additional competitive edge to our solutions.