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Since 2017 DigiSure has developed a number of innovative technology and business techniques which enable us to gain significant market share rapidly, in target markets and produce high margin business for our partner carriers. DigiSure uses technology to select, target and provide needed services to customers with a range of online insurance solutions to assist and support their business to grow and develop. The effective use of technology enables DigiSure to rapidly gain market share with low capital and operational expenditure.

We have introduced, learned and adapted our capabilities over the past year in the Australian market where we now generate over $1m dollars in premium per month for our partners.

Our currently implemented capabilities which include: the automated underwriting of entire market segments to ensure profitability, direct marketing to business consumers and automated/self-service policy and payment fulfilment; via Mobile or Internet blockchain and machine learning.

Digisure has also developed our technology to incorporate machine learning and block chain as relevant aspects of our digital platform. This business model enables DigiSure to disrupt incumbents and rapidly achieve market share by offering highly price competitive products, resulting from the removal of intermediary commission, which can be fulfilled instantly via digital and mobile channels.

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Bernie Niehaus


Bernie Niehaus

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Oliver Doyle

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